Hello, and welcome to my website!

I like reading more than football. Actually, I don’t like football, but I really love to read. From there to the translation, which I do for a living, it was a leap. By the way, you can hire me for translations between Portuguese and English. I do not do French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian or Italian translations, but I know and am in close contact with qualified translators who work with these languages and Portuguese. If you need, just give me a call.

In the Contact page, you’ll find a form that you should use to talk to me at any time. I’ll answer in no time, and I’ll do it gladly.

Well, reading is good, isn’t it? A lot! But sometimes we need more than that, we need to study. We study for learning how to see the world through others’ eyes. That is why I’m doing a Portuguese-English course at Faculty of Letters of UFRJ. Of all things I’ve received over there, I share quite a few at SSA, a website I’ve created for this only purpose: sharing. Look over there, who knows you might find something on languages and literature that interests you.

In the Videos page, there are musical recordings and varieties. I am not a professional musician, but I’m passionate about music. Remember, there is no perfection over there and this is not my goal.

In the Blog page, well, it is a blog! Whenever you come back, I hope to offer you something new. You might, actually, you should subscribe to receive  my newsletter. Anyhow, always come back!